Good Designer


Good as in not exceptional, but not terrible, in the in-between. Not that I don’t take my practice seriously, I do. I just feel like I am interested in so much more related or non-related to design.
I like gardening, hanging out with friends, playing music.
Also I try to do good by my morals in most of the decisions or actions I take.

Based in New York City.
Currently working at Pentagram making websites, strategy and identity systems for Natasha Jen.

Occasionally, I like to
play music for my plants.
Listen to it here

I also code

Why is this website so awkward?
If I tried to make this a solid, finished website, most likely I would've stopped when trying to figure out what frontend stack to use.
Today, I started with an empty html file and just wrote as I felt. Tomorrow, next week or a year from now – I will pick it up again and re-write some more.
Hopefully, with dedication, nurture and love this website will grow into something ever more beautiful.

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Last updated on JAN, 15 2019 at 12:32EST

I have worked with clients like: Google, Adidas, Phillips, Hertz, Svenska Spell, Nuda Paper, Teatro Praga, Tikkurila, Wella, Doctors without Borders, Global Utmaning, Combitech, Design Finland 100.

I was part of the Digital Media Creative 18 class at Hyper Island