I am a Designer.
I ideate, prototype and implement solutions and/or concepts with a strong emphasis on the process.

Usefull Info:

1/3 of Apelido & Apelido

Hyper Island⏤DMC18

Frontend Developer


Selected Clients:

Adidas, Phillips, Hertz, Svenska Spell, Tikkurila, Wella, Doctors without Borders, Global Utmaning, Combitech, Design Finland 100, Min Stora Dag, Bastide du Roy René, Charlotte Lapalus...

Selected Work

Based in LisbonStockholmLos Angeles

I am available to work on interesting projects, crack a cold one, get a warm cup o'Joe or a zeroCal soda.
You may contact me if you’re interested in discussing African Tsonga Disco, Space Exploration, Left Ideology, Japanese Garments and/or Dank Memes.